Five Unique Eco-Friendly Accommodations in New Zealand, Part 1

New Zealand the perfect place to find eco-friendly accommodation. There are many options of unique places to stay in New Zealand which not only help sustain the environment, but help the local population as well. Here is our pick of some of the very best eco-friendly places to stay in New Zealand.

Cascade Creek Retreat

If you are wanting to stay in an eco-friendly log cabin in a stunning location, Cascade Creek Retreat in the South Otago Hills has be to on your wish list. This luxurious log cabin is located on the owners award winning farm estate. Cascade Creek offers complete privacy and seclusion, but is located within easy reach of Milton and Dunedin. You get the best of both worlds – the ultimate seclusion, but close to civilization.

The cabin is built from 50 logs harvested from the local area. The trees were selected whilst still standing so that they could be sure that they were the right size and would fit the requirements of the build. Construction began in 2010 and took almost a year to finish. The owners spent a great deal of time in selecting the décor and furnishings for the house and used second hand materials were possible. They made many of the items of furniture themselves.

The log cabin is truly off the grid and uses solar power (with a backup generator just in case).

Did we mention the claw foot bath on the deck? This has to be the ultimate in relaxation. Soaking in the bath tub whilst taking in the amazing views, and knowing that the water was heated in an eco-friendly way with solar panels. This has to be the ultimate off the grid luxury.  Cascade Creek Retreat sleeps up to 6 guests.

For more details, contact Janene and Dave Divers on +643 4174410 or visit their website at

 Manawa Ridge Waihi

If you are looking for luxurious eco-friendly accommodation in New Zealand which has a wonderful location overlooking Waihi Beach, this wonderful retreat has to be your number one choice. The Lodge has stunning views over the Pacific Ocean and Coromandel Coast.

You may not expect luxury in a house built from straw, but that exactly what you will find at Manawa Ridge. This amazing eco-friendly lodge was constructed using straw bales, mud bricks and recycled timber beams. The owners did give up their idea of a composting toilet, but they do have their own natural spring water. They are hoping in the future to have a completely wind powered electricity source.

The Lodge has only three rooms, each of which are beautifully decorated. The furnishing is unique and many are handmade. You can choose to indulge in the home cooked meals which are prepared at the Manawa Ridge. There are plenty of activities including hiking and horse riding. If you want to have a leisurely break, all you need to do it relax and enjoy the view.





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