5 Ecotourism Activities You Can Do In Queenstown

Queenstown New Zealand is a paradise for those looking for ecotourism activities. With dramatic mountains, stunning Lake Wakatipu, and beautiful natural landscape, Queenstown is an amazing place to experience. From skiing to hiking and sailing to relaxing, there is something for everyone in Queenstown.

In this area of outstanding natural beauty, sustainability and ecotourism are the obvious path to take. Here are just some of the ecotourism activities that you can enjoy in this very special place.

Reach for The Stars

Queenstown is a perfect place for star gazing. It is so difficult in many locations in the world to see the night sky as there is so much light pollution. Queenstown offers an unpolluted sky which makes it perfect for star gazing. The night sky is of course accessible for everyone to see and you can simply enjoy the night sky on your own.

If you want a very special experience enthusiastic star gazers can book a special excursion. They will be take up to a unique star gazing area which is high above the ski gondola exit. You will be high up in the mountains so that you can get a unique view of the sky. There is no light pollution at this height so you get an amazing view of the stars.

Guests can use technologically advance telescopes so that they can get an incredible view of the sky including planets, the Southern Cross and even the Milky Way. The tour includes the services of a knowledgeable guide.


Experience the Thrill of the Zip line

The zip line was built using sustainable ecofriendly practices. The Douglas fir grows remarkably quickly in New Zealand so this was the obvious choice to use to build the zip line. The small amount of power which is need to operate the zip line is supplied by solar panels.

The start of the zip line is easily accessible by using the gondola, but there is also a Biofuel vehicle to take people up the mountain.

There are a number of different zip line tours to choose from, including a nighttime tour.


Explore by Foot

There are few things that you can do as ecofriendly as walking. All the energy consumed is your own! There are so many amazing trails and hikes in Queenstown. The mountains here are actually named The Remarkable – that sums them up pretty well! If you want something a little challenging the Ben Lomond hike is well worth it. This is a somewhat challenging four hour walk, but it is well worth it when you get to the top. The views are definitely remarkable.

Enjoy a Horse Back Ride

Another great and ecofriendly way to experience the beauty of Queenstown is taking a horseback ride. There are trails and rides whatever your level of experience. The beginner can enjoy a gentle walk around the beautiful trails. You can even take a “Lord of the Rings” ride if you want to see some of the locations where the movies were made.