5 Reasons Why You Should Go For Eco-Tourism, Part 2

#4 You Will Be Helping Animal Conservation

There are many species which have become extinct or which are nearing extinction. This is particularly true in areas which are major destinations in the Eco-Tourism industry. It is very important that steps are taken to stop the extinction of any animal species as all have a role to play in the global community.

If you are taking local tours as an Eco-Tourist you will be helping the animals. Tours organized in this way are sure to be respectful of the animals and take steps to minimize the impact upon the environment as much as possible. You will be bringing money to the local community so that they can help preserve the wildlife in their environment. Another way in which you will be helping is that you will undoubtedly be much more aware of the importance of saving and protecting animals in the wild. There is nothing like seeing animals in their natural habitat. These once in a lifetime experiences will have an impact on how you view the world, and the more people who speak out about the importance of conservation, the better.

#5 Eco-Tourism is Life Changing

We may get tired of hearing our friends talk about their latest cruise or their trip to Walt Disney World, but we will never stop wanting to hear about their fascinating trip to Costa Rica. You will return from your Eco-Tourism experience with a new outlook on the world. You will most likely want to share your enthusiasm with family and friends. Before you know it you are recommending Eco-Tourism to anyone who is interested enough to listen. You will want to spread the word as you have had such an amazing experience.

The experiences that you have will not be in a cooker cutter hotel. You will not be eating chain restaurant food. You will be experiencing things in a very different way. That can be life changing.

5 Reasons Why You Should Go For Eco-Tourism, Part 1

Eco-tourism is one of the fastest growing areas in the travel industry. The concept really took hold in the early 1980s and has become even more important in the years since. Eco-Tourism is the idea that not only should we visit places which are of outstanding natural beauty where sustainability is practiced, but also that our visit should improve the circumstances of the local people in the area. Here we look at 5 reasons why you should consider Eco-Tourism for your next vacation.

1# Eco-Tourism is Good for the Planet

There is no doubt that traditional tourism has a huge impact upon the environment. Every flight from New York to San Francisco creates a global warming effect of around 3 tons of carbon dioxide for every passenger. That is around one sixth of the average of carbon dioxide the average American creates every year. Clearly we need to think about how we can best minimize our impact on the planet.

There are ways to minimize the global impact of travel. If you are on an Eco-Tourism vacation, you will be staying at places which have been chosen as they have a minimal impact on the environment. The transportation options will also have been selected so that they are as green as possible. Of course nothing is greener than hiking!

Not only will you become more aware of the environmental impact of your trip, but in having these unique experiences it is much more likely that you take action to save the planet whilst you are at home. Visiting some places around the world can have a profound impact. It may open your eyes about why it is important to reduce your use of plastic if you have actually seen the direct impact that it has on the environment. Travel broadens the mind and Eco-Travel makes you think about your own contribution to global warming.

#2 It Offers Once in a Lifetime Experiences

If you are looking for a more interactive vacation where you can meet the local people and really feel as though you are part of the community, you should consider Eco-Tourism for your next vacation. Instead of going on exactly the same excursions as everyone else, these experiences offer something different. You can often see destinations which aren’t usually seen by tourists. You can catch a glimpse into the way of life of the local people. You are not just passing by in your vacation destination – you are really experiencing it through the eyes of the local people.

After you have experienced an Eco-Tourism vacation it may be difficult to go back to the conventional way of taking a trip! You will almost certainly become hooked after your first experience of this new way to vacation.

#3 Your Money Will Help the Local People

One of the main aims of Eco-Tourism is that it should have a positive impact on the lives and the economy of the local people. Your tourist dollars are given back to the community. On a conventional vacation it may be that your money is not going to the local people.

Even if you are visiting a developing country you may be staying in a hotel with international owners, so that the bulk of the profits are going outside of the country. The local people may be being given employment, but it may be at a very low wage. This concern is not just relevant to hotel accommodation – it covers every aspect of your stay. You may be using an international travel company so that money will not be going to the locals. Also, much of the food and drink that you are consuming could be imported, so is of little benefit to the local people.

If you stay in a local community on an Eco-Tourist vacation, you can be sure that the money that you spend is going back to the people who live there. This is much more satisfying that it going to a multinational company. The money actually stays in the community and this will help the people and the environment.


Why Ecotourism is the Future of the Tourism Industry

Ecotourism is one of the most rapidly growing areas of the tourism industry. What was once the preserve of the minority of travelers has now become very much a mainstream idea. No one really knows how much this industry has grown in recent years, as data is almost impossible to interpret, but we can safely say that the growth of this area of travel is rapid and shows no signs of slowing down.

To understand its importance, we first need to understand exactly what ecotourism means and how it is different from some other types of travel.

Ecotourism is not just about the destination which people travel to. It’s easier to explain what it is about if we compare it to other forms of travel. For example, “nature based travel” is about the destination. The traveler on a nature based experience will visit a natural environment. Ecotourism takes this a step further. The visitor will still travel to a natural environment, but there is an added element with ecotourism. An eco-tourist will visit a natural place which aims to conserve the environment and improve the lives and circumstances of the people who live in the area.

There are many benefits of eco-tourism. Over the years so many natural environments have been destroyed and this has had a severe impact on the world. Many species of plants and animals have been pushed to extinction. It is important to see complete solutions to the problems which the world is facing. Offering an economic solution to local people to encourage the sustainability of the natural environment is hugely important.

Ecotourism clearly has a very large part to play in the future of the tourism industry. Tourists are constantly looking for new destinations around the world. Tourism is estimated to account for as much as 10% of the World’s GDP so if diverting some of that money into eco-tourism is encouraged, that should help the sustainability of some of the most endangered and environmentally important regions.

There are many studies which indicate that people are very willing to think about ecotourism when they are selecting places to visit. The industry needs to recognize that there is a great deal of demand for more ecofriendly destinations. It is estimated that in 2014 eco-tourism had a worth of $4.5 Trillion. This huge figure has to make everyone in the tourism industry sit up and take notice. Clearly there is huge potential which is just waiting to be serviced.

The demographic of the eco-traveler has changed significantly over the years. The profile of the eco- traveler was for many years seen as one of two extremes. It was either the rich traveler looking for the ultimate luxury safari experience, or the student backpacker traveling the world at the lowest price possible. Eco-tourism now encompasses a wide range of tourists looking for very different experiences. The tourism industry needs to look at where the potential demand is not being met so that it can promote this fast growing area of travel even more efficiently. The net result will be beneficial to the tourism industry, the tourist and the environment.